Season of goodwill…

Whether you follow me on twitter, facebook or neither you may already be aware of next months extravaganza. I have made a promise to put on a number of events in order to raise fund for Epsom riding for the Disabled Association.

So far we have one event booked fully – the table top sale being held at the Longmead Centre, Sefton Road, Epsom on the 15th of December.
This event is designed so that; while raising funds for this great charity, local businesses and craftsfolk can showcase their work and the Longmead Centre is given its due place on the map of Epsom Centres.

I will be holding a stall there and I am encouraging the RDA to have one also!!

There are limited tables available for hire so if you wish to take part in this event please get yourselves booked in fast!

The fees are as follows:

Small table (6ft) £10
Double (12ft) £15

We ask for a minimum of half this cost to avoid no shows or disappointment but I have attached the flyer with contact details on if you have any further questions.

I’m super excited about next month so much about to be confirmed so please keep an eye on my Aloe page for details on upcoming events!!

Table top ad