Making the best of a bad situation.

So many people start a new job or business and within a few months hate the boss, hate the job, hate the hours and end up looking for something new. Jumping from job to job doesn’t make good for your CV! Too many jobs with no loyalty doesn’t make you a prime candidate, so rather than running from it why not turn it around and make it better for you and all involved??


As much as you may hate what you have the best way to change it is to change your thinking! If you make the best of what you have in front of you people will begin to notice you. Be original, stop and help people, say hi to those who are often ignored, grab the office a round of coffee from time to time. Being a good team player can boost the morale of the whole office and you will notice how your environment changes! You will be the star of the show and if you can maintain the mindset that you are good at what you are doing, the promotions will flood in!

You may hate your boss, but hating them isn’t going to make the promotion come and faster, changing your thinking will.

Make yourself a valued asset to the company, not just your team. Value yourself and show what you are really made of when it comes to cooperation and morale, then you’ll be viewed as a team leader. With that you will become trusted and with trust comes promotions.

Pretty simple eh?

Stop the hate now (and make me a cuppa) 😛