Evolving in business.

Earlier this month I was lucky to attend a masterclass of networking skills in London with the top two distributors for Forever Living. So much was learned from this but some of the points made are transferable across businesses and even in to personal life so these I wish to share with you, my readers.

You can think it to death or do it to death.
This point rang home remarkably true. When I started up in network marketing I spent hours reading, planning and personalising things to make it seem more efficient or effective. In hindsight looking back I realised that during that time I could have been out there practicing what I had been taught instead, and would have achieved what I have now far sooner.

Only 1% make over £150k annually.
This is such a small amount and in this the better chance of getting there lays in business ownership. Makes perfect sense when you consider the pyramid outlay people commonly know as a job. In the latter if you think about it you are selling your time at a wholesale price for another to resell it at a profit. Do you honestly think your skills are worth the pittance you are being paid? Who exactly benefits from your time financially? Many things to consider in this especially if you do not get the recognition for your work by running around building another person’s dreams!


No doesn’t mean never.
This one is true in so many circumstances. Just because a person says no, doesn’t mean that it will never happen, merely that it is not the right time.  So rather than taking that answer as a negative you should continue and come back to it at a later date. All force begets resistance so don’t push it or you’ll likely find you have less of a chance!!

These are just a small selection, some of which can be used in daily life as well as in the business realms. The most important thing to know is that not everyone will greet you with open arms and understanding and you cannot force a person to do so. With that being said try not to take unexpected reactions to heart and keep on looking at your own situation rather than focusing on one person’s opinion.

Best quote of that event: They don’t pay your mortgage
They don’t and never will so in all cases your opinion of yourself will always matter more.

Everything I learned at that event has helped me to grow as a business woman, as a mother and as a friend. I hope that these small but useful statements can do the same for you, and if they do – pass them on!


A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

We all have dreams. Some small, some big, some beyond reality but we still have them. Its a common reality shared among humans. We grow up thinking of being superstars or astronauts (or a vet in my case) and play our little hearts content with the ideas of success and the things we would do when we got there. But how often do we get there? Not many of us can say we’ve been to the moon or achieved superstar status. Disheartening but while we thought of the end results we often didn’t think of the means.

Achieving high standards can be off putting to some but as a peer once told me “its not about working hard, but working smart”. This means using your time correctly, donating yourself to the appropriate means to better your growth. This motto works in all areas, business included. Success mean being organised and active, allowing yourself to arrange when its time to knuckle down and graft correctly and when you can be at rest. You can’t just pour out great business work without having a bit of respite right? You’d be burnt by your own dreams too soon so its not the ideal way to go but planning and being clever about how to get there is exactly what makes people succeed.


So you have dreams and would like to get them to become reality but have you ever asked why? What is it that drives you? Is it a bigger house? Fame? Nice tidy bank balance? Think of these things and map out why you are thinking of such grandeur, think big, think huge if you can and from that you will discover this lovely new thing we call ‘motivation’!!!

Never stop thinking about your whys, if anything revisit and expand weekly to reinforce your new found incentives!

From the whys you have to move on to the hows, this is where the planning begins! How could you get there? Would networking enable you? How about study? map out means of getting to the hows!
The hows can then be broken down in to smaller bite-size or pigeon steps. What of these could you do in a week? Make a plan of what you wish to get done by the end of the month, a SMART target helps you look at this but even better using a diary can remind you of what time in the day you have free to try.

Don’t be disheartened by failure, you learn from it. A wise word to those who are starting out: don’t push yourself, take your time and step lightly so you have less chance of failure. Plan things right, better timing makes a better result!!

Nothing comes for free but with the right amount of insight to where you want to be you will begin that journey to making it real!!!