Charity fundraisers…

So as promised, this month will be dedicated to fundraising for my favourite local charity: Epsom Riding for the Disabled Association. This coming Friday will mark the start with a coffee morning being held at the Natve tongue’s Monkey play cafe, 4 Derby Square, Epsom. Fancy shoing some support? Come along and pick up some items I’m selling – ALL proceeds made by me will be going to this charity!!

The event is now posted on facebook, so feel free to share it!

More events are posted on the business page there so get involved and help to benefit this seriously awesome charity!!



Evolving in business.

Earlier this month I was lucky to attend a masterclass of networking skills in London with the top two distributors for Forever Living. So much was learned from this but some of the points made are transferable across businesses and even in to personal life so these I wish to share with you, my readers.

You can think it to death or do it to death.
This point rang home remarkably true. When I started up in network marketing I spent hours reading, planning and personalising things to make it seem more efficient or effective. In hindsight looking back I realised that during that time I could have been out there practicing what I had been taught instead, and would have achieved what I have now far sooner.

Only 1% make over £150k annually.
This is such a small amount and in this the better chance of getting there lays in business ownership. Makes perfect sense when you consider the pyramid outlay people commonly know as a job. In the latter if you think about it you are selling your time at a wholesale price for another to resell it at a profit. Do you honestly think your skills are worth the pittance you are being paid? Who exactly benefits from your time financially? Many things to consider in this especially if you do not get the recognition for your work by running around building another person’s dreams!


No doesn’t mean never.
This one is true in so many circumstances. Just because a person says no, doesn’t mean that it will never happen, merely that it is not the right time.  So rather than taking that answer as a negative you should continue and come back to it at a later date. All force begets resistance so don’t push it or you’ll likely find you have less of a chance!!

These are just a small selection, some of which can be used in daily life as well as in the business realms. The most important thing to know is that not everyone will greet you with open arms and understanding and you cannot force a person to do so. With that being said try not to take unexpected reactions to heart and keep on looking at your own situation rather than focusing on one person’s opinion.

Best quote of that event: They don’t pay your mortgage
They don’t and never will so in all cases your opinion of yourself will always matter more.

Everything I learned at that event has helped me to grow as a business woman, as a mother and as a friend. I hope that these small but useful statements can do the same for you, and if they do – pass them on!

Why work your way up when you can start from the top?

We train, we study we learn and try to better ourselves to get up to the top positions we can in whichever industry we think suits us. Starting from the bottom doing random chores for our peers and making sure we can make the grade and be noticed is a good method to get promoted but why wait on this when you can start as your own boss? GoalGetters can help you do this without losing your current job, working in your own time from home we will train and guide you to do the same as we do (primarily training roles and support) with your own team! Sounds too good to be true right? Multi Level Marketing allows you to be your own boss and work on your own terms. You get back what you put in, it really is that simple.
GoalGetters is one of many MLM’s in a group of 230 people, all of which support and guide newcomers, making sure they don’t feel isolated. We call our training a hand-holding exercise, as thats exactly what we do! We aren’t your boss! You will work at your own pace not ours!



Full and part time opportunities available.

Which of these appeals to you the most?

Flexible working hours.
Extra income.
Financial stability.
Control of your own business.
Meeting new people.
Secure pensions.
More time for family.
Achieving your true potential.
Working from home.

All of these are are what we can offer the right applicants!

GoalGetters are looking for 5 key people who would like to increase their income working flexible hours without compromising their current circumstances.

The positions are primarily support based; training and coaching others.

We are looking for ambitious, honest and social people to share the same extraordinary success in terms of income, car payment plans, pension plans and international travel programmes.

Full training and support is given.

Send contact details to and we’ll be in touch shortly!


Making the best of a bad situation.

So many people start a new job or business and within a few months hate the boss, hate the job, hate the hours and end up looking for something new. Jumping from job to job doesn’t make good for your CV! Too many jobs with no loyalty doesn’t make you a prime candidate, so rather than running from it why not turn it around and make it better for you and all involved??


As much as you may hate what you have the best way to change it is to change your thinking! If you make the best of what you have in front of you people will begin to notice you. Be original, stop and help people, say hi to those who are often ignored, grab the office a round of coffee from time to time. Being a good team player can boost the morale of the whole office and you will notice how your environment changes! You will be the star of the show and if you can maintain the mindset that you are good at what you are doing, the promotions will flood in!

You may hate your boss, but hating them isn’t going to make the promotion come and faster, changing your thinking will.

Make yourself a valued asset to the company, not just your team. Value yourself and show what you are really made of when it comes to cooperation and morale, then you’ll be viewed as a team leader. With that you will become trusted and with trust comes promotions.

Pretty simple eh?

Stop the hate now (and make me a cuppa) 😛


Social media: The benefits and downfalls.

Many of us have been coerced or bribed in to opening accounts online where others can find us, contact us and in some cases stalk us. This is the modern day method if keeping in touch, move over telecommunication, social media is taking over! Some are still resisting the loss of privacy and quite rightfully so but when it comes to business you needn’t be so private. Social media sites such as facebook, twitter and linkedin have various privacy options making the sites slightly more comfortable for those not so willing to share their lives but to get noticed and keep a steady flow of people contacting you I highly advise using social media to advertise your company.

images (10)

Otherwise known as stalkerbook, this social media site allow you to open pages and groups specifically for what you have on offer, whether it is an MLM opportunity, a shop or a service you can gradually build up a following by using these in combination with your own timeline. By posting links on your page and sharing the post on your own timeline, the origin (your page) will be seen whenever the article is shared. This is pretty easy but you have to make the material interesting or it won’t get people noticing, ideally relevant to your page too or it will seem irrelevant and like you’re clutching at straws! Keep it interesting and not too self orientated and you will get yourself a following on the posts alone.

This is a quick fire update social site, so is good for self publicity more than business. You can use this by posting quirky personally experiences day to day and then adding the occasional link to something business related, for example a item about your business on your face(stalker)book page. Same rules as before with the interest level, over self promotion can be detrimental so keep it sparse but make sure you keep it entertaining and classy. Watch the followers stack up!

This little gem is a pure network site where people advertise their skills, qualifications and professional networks. Here you can join groups relevant to yourself and post about subjects others will put their opinions on. It is also great to find professionals you may want to get the attention of, for example in MLM you’d be looking for network professionals so a person with experience in that area will see if you have view their profile.

If you adopt a professional yet entertaining persona on all of these sites and keep your updates and posts flowing regularly you will get yourself the right attention. So despite the loss of privacy and potential for having your picture used in a Christian singles site advert there are definitely some benefits you could harness. The choice, my dear readers is yours!


The success of Multi Level Marketing.

Britain’s work ethics have changed drastically with the adaptations made to childcare costs, pensions and holidays. Work is sparse so when a job is lost is is hard to find something without falling in to debt and our new workfare schemes, supposedly aimed at getting people jobs is forcing people to work for much less than the minimum wage to keep their benefits, some doing the same job they were fired from. The lack of security has made many scared, and understandably so. Who can afford to work and pay for childcare on top of the ever-increasing living costs? Not many and more are finding it hard to feed their families based on these new idea to help lessen the countries recession.

Working hours are long, pay is meager and stress levels are soaring. So much effort for so little to show for it is a pretty dire way to live.

More and more people are changing their thinking by moving outside of their comfort zones and starting their own businesses in multi level marketing (MLM). In recent years multi level marketing has become a more popular means of income, allowing freedom of choice in working hours as well as personal choice in work done and wages earned. You may well think this is too good to be true but I assure you it’s not. This is where I found my fortune, it’s not a free for all and requires your effort which is the only real catch there is. Franchises require a large set up fee and percentages given to the umbrella corporations you franchise with, networking marketing or MLM requires less of the set up costs and more of the love of your product, you only pay for what you order and you get a tidy profit back based on how hard you’ve worked. But its doesn’t stop there, the product sales are just one aspect of MLM, the other is training. If you can assist someone to be as successful as you, not only does it feel great but this also works amazingly in your favour. This is exactly why people are turning to MLM! It’s all dependent on the energy used but once established the rest simply works well on its own.

Various companies have different benefits and incentives to keep their distributors and trainers aiming high, some of the benefits are fantastic but in some companies they aren’t worth the investment. Only a small selection of Direct Selling MLM’s have a worthwhile set up. some expect too many buys from their distributors and allow very little profit from both sales and training so the business is very hard to succeed in. Others have a nicer balance with increasing discounts and profits, as well as good percentage on training and promotions.


I joined the Forever Living business on the basis of the products. I’m training in alternative medicine and have an aloe vera plant in my kitchen purely as I know exactly how good this little succulent is! The rest came along with my tenacity, the previous post’s planning etc and the best support anyone could wish for. Now that I am established I’m confident enough to be picky about who I recruit in to my team but I cannot stress how much I love the team I have.  Not all who work in this industry can hail the same but in that before taking the plunge its best to do some research on the company you think you would like to work with, taking your time will make you feel more secure in deciding which is what helps build the faith in what is about to unfold.

MLM’s can offer a fantastic lifeline to people who feel stuck financially. With some effort and faith a person; with little to no qualifications, can grow to become as successful as I now am. I am glad to share what I know with people who are starting out in this industry, but to those who aren’t feel free to do some research and post comments or questions you have about how I became a successful home worker.