Evolving in business.

Earlier this month I was lucky to attend a masterclass of networking skills in London with the top two distributors for Forever Living. So much was learned from this but some of the points made are transferable across businesses and even in to personal life so these I wish to share with you, my readers.

You can think it to death or do it to death.
This point rang home remarkably true. When I started up in network marketing I spent hours reading, planning and personalising things to make it seem more efficient or effective. In hindsight looking back I realised that during that time I could have been out there practicing what I had been taught instead, and would have achieved what I have now far sooner.

Only 1% make over £150k annually.
This is such a small amount and in this the better chance of getting there lays in business ownership. Makes perfect sense when you consider the pyramid outlay people commonly know as a job. In the latter if you think about it you are selling your time at a wholesale price for another to resell it at a profit. Do you honestly think your skills are worth the pittance you are being paid? Who exactly benefits from your time financially? Many things to consider in this especially if you do not get the recognition for your work by running around building another person’s dreams!


No doesn’t mean never.
This one is true in so many circumstances. Just because a person says no, doesn’t mean that it will never happen, merely that it is not the right time.  So rather than taking that answer as a negative you should continue and come back to it at a later date. All force begets resistance so don’t push it or you’ll likely find you have less of a chance!!

These are just a small selection, some of which can be used in daily life as well as in the business realms. The most important thing to know is that not everyone will greet you with open arms and understanding and you cannot force a person to do so. With that being said try not to take unexpected reactions to heart and keep on looking at your own situation rather than focusing on one person’s opinion.

Best quote of that event: They don’t pay your mortgage
They don’t and never will so in all cases your opinion of yourself will always matter more.

Everything I learned at that event has helped me to grow as a business woman, as a mother and as a friend. I hope that these small but useful statements can do the same for you, and if they do – pass them on!


Season of goodwill…

Whether you follow me on twitter, facebook or neither you may already be aware of next months extravaganza. I have made a promise to put on a number of events in order to raise fund for Epsom riding for the Disabled Association.

So far we have one event booked fully – the table top sale being held at the Longmead Centre, Sefton Road, Epsom on the 15th of December.
This event is designed so that; while raising funds for this great charity, local businesses and craftsfolk can showcase their work and the Longmead Centre is given its due place on the map of Epsom Centres.

I will be holding a stall there and I am encouraging the RDA to have one also!!

There are limited tables available for hire so if you wish to take part in this event please get yourselves booked in fast!

The fees are as follows:

Small table (6ft) £10
Double (12ft) £15

We ask for a minimum of half this cost to avoid no shows or disappointment but I have attached the flyer with contact details on if you have any further questions.

I’m super excited about next month so much about to be confirmed so please keep an eye on my Aloe page for details on upcoming events!!

Table top ad

Home business investment – where your money will earn you returns.

With more people looking in to buying a franchise or investing in home based businesses, the industry is becoming more and more saturated with new wannabe entrepreneurs and network marketers. Within this alone there are so many different markets to choose from; health (Forever Living), beauty (Avon) and cleaning products (Kleeneze) are but to name a few businesses which claim to cut out the middle men and give distributors the chance to make an honest living with company benefits.

With so many choices it can be incredibly hard to decide which of the companies are genuinely going to see you for your efforts so here’s a small guide on what to look for before stepping out of your comfort zone and making life changing investments.

1) Will you use the product yourself?

Sounds naff but to be a good marketer you are best to know your products, so before even thinking about the companies think about the products. Are they of any genuine use to yourself or your home, if so why? If you have used the products before and can happily testify their benefits then that will be a big bonus in the long run, people are better sold on testimonials than a reel of facts.

2) Do you think people others would genuinely benefit from the products?

Similar to the previous but to get a good client base you need something that works well enough for people to talk about it. Word of mouth is a key factor in Network Marketing and the more happy clients you can have the more people will learn of your awesome products, thus more retail. Simple!

3) Does the initial investment cost seem reasonable?

Franchises are pretty steep with set up costs, MLM’s are a lot cheaper but how much are you getting for your money, be stringent and think tight.

4) Research the company, are they strong or going bust?

If you follow the news you’ll be fully aware of Avon’s closures this year. Spanning from America to France and Ireland, with the threat of more jobs being lost yet they are on a big recruit drive for new distributors. Would you consider this a worthy investment given the facts?
Many MLM companies have public shares or partial bank ownership, given the current UK economy this in itself is a pretty hefty risk and many are making huge cuts to fit the bills incurred as such.
To get a stable and secure business would you take the gamble on bank owned mlm’s? I sure wouldn’t!

Privately owned assets are the best route for a secure business. So do some homework on each you have considered and weed out those who are hanging on by a financial thread.

5) Find reviews!!

Get some reviews about the products as well as the business itself.
http://www.moneysavingexpert.com was what got me to bite the bullet and join Forever Living, the reviews were pretty impressive and since then I’ve had more comments on the solidarity of the business in a sea of home based business sharks.
Look in various places, there will always be haters but you need to find some facts. Most mlms aren’t as great as they claim – but ALL require patience and consistency for returns so in any case ensure the returns are worth the effort. This also include the company benefits and incentives they offer. Check they exist as working your butt off for a fake goal is quite disheartening and may put you more out of pocket than you expect.

6) Training, free or costly?

Do they offer training? Is it free? is it good? Sometimes one team is better with the training than another, even within the same business so one bad team doesn’t denote the entire business.

If you are able to; before signing up, watch the team! See how they support each other (or not) and make note of the training. Are you learning anything just from watching? Do you feel comfortable with the methods they are using? If its a no to either of these its probably not for you!!

7) Is the products’ market booming or losing interest?

Another simple one, whats the current trends? Look through media and try and get an overview of the things people are looking for and what people are willing to pay good money to get.
Being a medical student I’m fully aware of the boom in the health and wellness industry, meaning there will be a wider target audience for products associated with health.

Last but not least:

7) Would you consider this as something you would recommend to others?

To be successful in MLM you need a team who are going to trust you and allow you to mold them in a similar fashion to yourself, if you haven’t caught the vision of the business – recruiting will be hard as hell. Having no heart in it won’t get people believing!!

Don’t jump in to anything blindly, the more pressure they apply the more you aught to back off as any investment is a big choice and its your choice, nobody else’s!! Take your time and make sure you know exactly what you are going in for, investment budgets, advertising and the like – that way you will be certain to get yourself a good start to a great opportunity!